AIGCC: Investing for the climate in Asia

Release time:2018-11-01

Against the backdrop of extreme weather events disrupting economic activity and causing hazards across the Asia Pacific, the Paris Climate Agreement was a landmark deal in the fight against climate change. The nations of the world came together to state their commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

These two forces (the physical effects of climate change and the policy measures taken to mitigate it) are changing the shape of many industries. As this occurs, they also change the risk and opportunity landscape for the financial institutions that lend to or invest in these industries. 

This research was commissioned by the Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) to better understand the current state of play for climate finance across the Asia Pacific region, and to gain insight into emerging and future trends for investment and lending activity. The key findings and insights on sector activity revealed by this research will help determine priorities for the AIGCC over the coming years.

Download the full report here.