GFLP Seminar on Policy Frameworks for Sustainable Finance

Release time:2018-10-22


Seminar on Policy Frameworks for Sustainable Finance

November 6th -7th, 2018
Beijing, China

The Global Green Finance Leadership Program (GFLP) is founded by the Center for Finance and Development of Tsinghua University and the IFC-supported Sustainable Banking Network (SBN), in partnership with China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED).

The GFLP provides a global platform for knowledge sharing on green and sustainable finance, with an objective to inspire innovation, scale up sustainable finance and facilitate the sustainable transformation of the global economy. It builds on the global momentum created by the Paris Agreement, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the G20 Green/Sustainable Finance Study Group, the Sustainable Banking Network and the Central Banks and Supervisors’ Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS).

The inaugural GFLP Program launched in May 2018 was attended by 120 participants from 35 emerging economies who were keen to learn from global experiences to advance sustainable and green finance development in their home market. Among topics of strong interests are how financial market policies could help create the reform momentum, incentivize private sector participation, reduce perceived risks for green investment, and put in place consistent standards across the market.

The Seminar on Policy Frameworks for Sustainable Finance, the second of the GFLP Program, therefore focuses on global experiences on policy frameworks for sustainable and green finance development. It will convene financial regulators, policy makers, financial institutions and other key stakeholders for in-depth exchanges on sustainable and green finance policy roadmaps, taxonomies, policy incentives, disclosure requirement and capacity building.  The GFLP working groups established in May will also present their initial findings at the Seminar for focus group discussions.  The seminar aims to inspire and deepen sustainable finance development in emerging economies through knowledge sharing and collective learning. 

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Download Presentation Slides and Pictures from the Seminar:

A Green Finance Policy Framework_MA Jun.pdf

Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth_Maarten Vleeschhouwer.pptx

EU_Taxonomy_Maarten Vleeschhouwer.pptx

For Sustainable Investment Chain_GFIP's Challenge_Mizuno.pdf

Taxonomies Presentation_Peer Stein.pdf

CDP Presentation for GFLP in Beijing_1107.pdf

The Nigerian Case_Emomotimi Agama.pdf

Paul Smith_CFA Institute_Green finance and ESG considerations_GFLP_Nov 7.pptx